March 07 2015 0comment

Ralli Hall Moves Office.. to the next room!

The Ralli Hall offices have at moved to the larger room next door, previously the Beckerman Room. The Ralli Hall office remains on the ground floor where it has always been.. just moved to next door. With the new office move (to the delight of management staff) comes new office decor, office furniture, technology, computers, increased CCTV security throughout the premises, communications and event management facilities.

The move has benefited the old office which has now become a swish modern meeting and board room.. already busy hosting business meetings and community meetings.

Roger Abrahams, (Hon. Chairman) said… “While we were away, our Administration Team moved their office into the Beckerman Lounge after twisting my arm that their need for working space was greater than the Board’s. They did emphasize that since Jacquie, who is sharing the office with Maxine, now has two roles – the Ralli Hall Lunch and Social Club Co-ordinator and Maxine’s assistant. The extra space was essential and I must admit that they were right. The Board of Management now meets in the ex-office, to be known as The Board Room, which is cosy but adequate, while the opportunity was taken to carry out a much-needed and overdue refurbishment of both rooms.”