May 05 2016 0comment

Ralli Hall is Home to Gymnastics Club

Another change to the facilities on offer on the lower ground floor will take place next month with the commencement of a new three-year agreement with a Gymnastics Club teaching the use of parallel bars – now very popular since the recent Olympic Games.

The Club needed the height we offer in the gym with a ceiling that is 14 feet high. The specialist equipment concerned will be semi-permanently fixed in place, with a secure concertina partition being drawn across the gym when not in use by the club at the point where the lofty area begins.

The club will use the gym every afternoon except Sundays, still allowing the use of an approximately 34 foot square room every day until 3.00 pm, evenings from 8.00 pm and all day on Saturdays. A 5 foot runway down the gym will remain available for the continued use of cardiac circuit training.

Although this will reduce the length of our gym facility, our existing gym clients have been satisfactorily accommodated.