Ralli Hall
Brighton & Hove Jewish Community Centre

For over 100 years, Ralli Hall has served Brighton & Hove Jewish Community Centre, Events Venue and hub of Sussex Jewish community activities and events.

Ralli Hall in Hove has always been an integral part of local community life and Jewish community life in Brighton and Hove hosting a diverse range of activities in its main hall and ten rooms. 

Today, the Ralli Hall community centre plays host to the Jewish Lunch Club, Posh Club, Bridge Club, Jewish Dance Group, Jewish Film Club, Jewish Arts Fair, Yom Ha’atzmaut, Top Hat Productions and so many other community meetings, training workshops, competitions, celebrations, parties, wedding receptions and barmitzvahs. 

Regular Ralli Hall reports can be found in monthly issues of the Sussex Jewish News magazine. 

If you’ve never visited Ralli Hall, why not pop in and say hello 🙂


Becoming a Friend of Ralli Hall enables the Jewish community across Sussex to get involved as a member, or as a volunteer and by subscribing your annual financial support for our Jewish community centre. As a Friend and member entitles you and your family to benefits, savings and discounts on activities and events.

Your annual membership and involvement ensures the present and the future of Ralli Hall as a valued asset of the community. Your membership ensures the daily maintenance and continued modification to the building in keeping with today’s needs. 

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