Ralli Hall Community Album

Welcome to the Ralli Hall events album with just a few photos of the many events we've hosted here over the years in our rooms and our amazing community centre.

happy days
club leader

Ralli Hall has always been a local community centre and local venue for literally thousands of events for local people, families, friends, groups, charities, associations and organisations.

In creating this website so we are able to create an ‘internet journey back in time’ with these photos of happy times and happy people at Ralli Hall. Some of you out there may recognise the people and perhaps even attended some of these events or you recognise some of these people in the album.. we would love to hear from you.

opening ceremony

If you have fond Ralli Hall memories, photos, events, information or recollections for our Ralli Hall archives… we’d love to hear from you…

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    BFIWD visit to Brighton - article by Aubrey Milstein

    menorah candles


    City Mayor addresses the community
    community fair
    The Visit - Sofar Article, Sept.1996
    footballer signing
    proud grandmother
    lady group community meeting
    good friends


    family wedding photo


    youth club group photo
    youth council part in main hall
    youth activities
    youth activities (2)
    childrens party group photo
    team Brighton
    team Brighton (2)
    childrens awards (2)

    Youth Activities

    childrens pantomime

    Cub Scouts

    marching cub pack (courtesy of the Argus Newspaper, 53682)
    cubs activities


    community montage
    ladies meeting
    mens meeting
    visiting group
    ladies comittee meeting
    Roger Abrahams (Chairman) and Norina Duke (Ralli Hall Business Manager) retiring from duties after many years with Ralli Hall


    a stage theatre production

    Coffee Lounge

    youth council invitation
    ticket for the opening of the new youth coffee lounge
    youth arrivals in the main entrance foyer
    youth stage rehersals
    childrens awards
    fun and games
    youth stage performance (click image to enlarge)
    Team Ralli Hall
    sports day
    music lessons

    Art Classes

    art classes

    Adult Activities

    Jewish community folk dancing
    cub class
    family members (?)
    family event
    Brighton & Hove Jewish Youth Council - invitation - click image to enlarge
    BFWID, Middle Street - June 1996
    crafts show in main hall