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Category: Blog

Barlogic at Ralli Hall

Barlogic provides mobile bar facilities and a wide range of bar and drinks services for Ralli Hall functions, events and receptions catering for a wide range of individual needs including alcholic and non-alcholic drinks and cocktails.  Barlogic provide mobile bars, drinks, staff, glassware and bar snacks for just about any venue or location for events, […]

Showtime at Ralli Hall

Saturday and Sunday (November 26th/27th) it was showtime at Ralli Hall and a ‘A Hundred Years of Broadway Musicals’ A wonderful community production led by Musical Director, Simon Gray (Top Hat Productions).. beautifully produced, choreographed and directed to two packed houses. Rapturous applause, singing, dancing and I even saw some women weeping in the audience […]

Ralli Hall is Home to Gymnastics Club

Another change to the facilities on offer on the lower ground floor will take place next month with the commencement of a new three-year agreement with a Gymnastics Club teaching the use of parallel bars – now very popular since the recent Olympic Games. The Club needed the height we offer in the gym with a ceiling that is 14 feet […]

Ralli Hall on the Internet and TV

First, we have our new Ralli Hall website.. you may have noticed since you’re reading about this on it (lol). The Ralli Hall website has 3 functions: 1) to provide room and event hire information for prospective organisers; 2) to provide historical information regarding the building as a local landmark; 3) to host the Ralli […]

Continued Upgrading of Facilities

Ralli Hall continues the upgrade of Ralli Hall ‘core’ and other facilities, particularly the Great Hall and the Entrance Lobby…May 2016 Fortunately, we have just about come to the end of the heavy duty alterations to the building, having completed the modernisation of the Lower Ground Floor toilets and the Maccabi entrance, and have even found suitable occupiers for the […]

Historical Society Meeting At Ralli Hall

The Jewish Historical Society of England – Sussex Branch – had their final meeting of the 2015 -16 session which took place at Ralli Hall in the Harry Franks main hall on Tuesday 10 May was also one of our contributions to the celebrations of 250 years of Jewish settlement in Brighton and Hove. A capacity audience of over 100 […]

Ralli Hall Moves Office.. to the next room!

The Ralli Hall offices have at moved to the larger room next door, previously the Beckerman Room. The Ralli Hall office remains on the ground floor where it has always been.. just moved to next door. With the new office move (to the delight of management staff) comes new office decor, office furniture, technology, computers, increased […]

Enhanced Ralli Hall CCTV and Security

It’s been a very busy month for Ralli Hall. As part of the upgrading programme we have significantly upgraded our CCTV systems, alarms, sensors and security coverage throughout the entire exterior and interior of the building. All angles are covered. The new CCTV and security systems not only gives us wider coverage and control but are […]