Manager’s Report

Maxine Gordon, Ralli Hall Centre Manager

A Message from the Manager (October 2018)

This fabulous photo is the ‘1st Mothers Meeting’ of the New Hove Parish Hall in 1913, now known as Ralli Hall. The building was lovingly built by Stephen Ralli, a prominent Greek philanthropist, to be used solely as a community hall for the All Saints Church in Eaton Road. It’s an incredible achievement to our Foundation that this beautiful Grade II listed building remains the same. It has been lovingly cared for by us since we purchased it in 1976 – your only nondenominational Community Centre in Brighton & Hove.

Contrary to popular belief, Ralli Hall is still totally selfsufficient and does not receive any external funding or grants whatsoever. It’s hard to believe, but in order to survive, our only form of independent income is to rent out rooms. Sadly, our annual membership of £27.00 per person only brings in an average of £3,500 per year, which hardly even covers a month’s winter heating!

So, over many years we have worked diligently and have recently managed to upgrade our facilities to meet the 21st century and beyond. We are pleased that through our hard work and endeavours, we are in the fortunate position of still being able to support our local Jewish community, which includes:

• Complimentary rooms and resources for the Jewish Welfare Board, Helping Hands, Sussex Friends of Israel, Jewish Representative Council and CST Security, to name but a few.• Providing rehearsal space, Main Hall and Stage and assistance with props and costumes for Top Hat Productions – a locally home-grown musical group with yearly shows held over a weekend.
• Being home to the RH Lunch & Social Club for two full days a week, providing kosher three-course lunches and entertainment for our older congregation.
• The ability to supply community meetings and representation from all shuls thereby enjoying visits from the Chief Rabbi and Israeli Ambassador to the UK.
• The provision of rooms for in-house groups including Sussex Jewish Film Club, Israeli Dancing and Jewish Art
Society. Also, regularly present here are Jewish Historical Society and Sussex Jewish Genealogy. Where else in the town can you bring together every Rabbi and congregation from each of our respective shuls? Only at Ralli Hall.

So, when our membership forms hit your floors in December, reflect on what we have already delivered to Brighton & Hove, reflect on what we still intend to deliver to Brighton & Hove, and reflect on what Ralli Hall has achieved, independently, since 1976.