Ralli Hall Manager's Report

Maxine Gordon, Ralli Hall Centre Manager

A Message from the Ralli Hall Centre Manager (December 2018)

Happy New Year!
Our membership forms are on their way and we hope you will be able to support Ralli Hall this year by becoming a  member. We really do appreciate the contributions that are made to your local Jewish Community Centre, and we would be grateful if you are able to do so in 2019. If we haven’t sent you a form, do please let us know.

The term ‘membership’ has been misinterpreted over many years – people often ask, “what will I get for my  membership?”. So, it was agreed by our Board to change it to  ‘Friends of Ralli Hall’.

We are sure you will agree that this now represents the real reason – friendship, loyalty and a commitment received
from members of our local community, who take the time to support the only non-denominational Jewish Centre in the South-East. Thank you.

We are proud that, since 1976, we have been able to support our local community and a few recent examples include:-

• Top Hat Productions – supporting a locally home-grown group by providing free rehearsal space over a 6-month period and our beautiful Main Hall with Stage for their annual shows.

• Complimentary meeting and function rooms for local groups including Sussex Jewish Representative Council, Helping Hands, Sussex Friends of Israel, Jewish Living, Brighton & Hove Jewish School and CST Security.

• Interesting Ralli Hall groups which are run by dedicated volunteers for many years, including Israeli Dancing and JAS (Jewish Art Society) on a weekly basis, and Jewish Film Club every 2 months.

• Ralli Hall Lunch & Social Club – their home every Tuesday and Thursday where the older congregation can enjoy Kosher lunches, entertainment, and more importantly, company. Once a month (1st Thursday) they are also joined by JACS (Jewish Association of Cultural Societies) where interesting speakers visit, and a variety of different topics are discussed.

• Many Simchas, including Wedding Anniversaries, Birthdays, Pre-Barmitzvah Shabbos dinners, Chabad functions for the whole community including Festivals and High Holy Day celebrations.

We are delighted to welcome Nicola Hyman, Lesley Walker, Michele Kay and Gary Weston as new Committee Members on our Board. All have an abundance of Jewish community experience, local knowledge and bright ideas. They will definitely enhance our established team, making it an exciting time ahead.

In fact, save the date of our forthcoming Barn Dance on Sunday 17th March 2019 – more details to follow!

We look forward to welcoming you to Ralli Hall in 2019.